MeinArt is an animation studio with a sole purpose to create animation. We work with 2D and 3D animation, stop-motion and in classic styles of animation. The studio is counting its 7th year. The studio works with clients from Lithuania and abroad. We also take pride in creating our own short films, that are winning in various international festivals. Our team is comprised of 10 people, on various occasions we work with our partners that join us for more complex or more resource-intensive projects. —————————————————————— MeinArt specialises in everything related to animation. We offer creative and qualified animation services for TV ads, film, explainer videos or anything else animated. Animation is a great tool to quickly explain to clients (B2B or B2C) how something works - it can be a difficult process or concept that one needs to explain to their customer quickly. A simple explainer video would attract more people to the clients website, better their position in Google search. One of the amazing things about animation is - its endless power to show what can’t be filmed. As once Walt Disney said - the only limit is your imagination. Our studios goal is to inspire everyone with the animation that we produce. We also use part of the profit to fund our own animated films.