Both foreign and local producers filming in Lithuania are able to benefit from the new film tax incentive. You will need a local production company to be able to qualify for up to 20% rebate.

Lakes, rivers and forests, castles, industrial estates, baroque architecture, dunes and beaches, Soviet architecture – Lithuania can offer authentic places as well as replacing the desired locations.

Lithuania is a very film friendly country. Permits for shooting are issued promptly and smoothly within 7 days.

They say that Lithuania provides quality services at a rock-bottom price.

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Lithuania has a good standard of English, Russian, Polish-speaking local crews with multiple international productions experience and the costs are extremely competitive.

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The Lithuanian Film Centre allocates subsidies for the development, production and distribution of Lithuanian films and international co-productions.

Vilnius Film Cluster and its members will offer the most advanced equipment. Vilnius Film Cluster is the only provider of High Speed Motion Control System for tabletop and pack shots shooting in the region.


Vilnius has a newly built professional studio – a 1100 m2 soundproof film stage with Baltic's biggest first rate green screen and adjacent 700 m2 of modern office, make-up rooms, showers, auxilia