We are capable and have experience working with footage up to 4k, from 15 sec adverts to full feature length movies. We are amazing and no one will ever stop us!

We do:

VFX supervising on set and postproduction planning

- all preproduction tasks,

- planing, consulting, problem solving.


Offline/online editorial

- red, arri d-20, phantom, hd and digibeta workflows.


Motion graphics

- packshots for commercials,

- opening sequences for TV spots and movies.



- modeling and animation,

- motion capture,

- texturing and shading,

- rendering services.



- matchmoving,

- keying,

- mattepainting,

- composites.



- digibeta,

- betacam sp,

- dci,

- blu-ray,

- dvd.


For editorial we use:

Avid Media Composer, Avid Express 5 or Final Cut Pro editing stations.


For general postproduction (color grading, title animation) we use:

Autodesk Smoke 2011 and Discreet Combustion

All CGI jobs are done with 3ds Max.

RED workflow is based depending on editing and finishing suites:

- Final Cut to Smoke or Combustion: crimson dpx workflow

- Avid to Smoke: native Autodesk workflow

- Avid to Combustion: in-house written dpx workflow


We use local storage up to 12TB and Smoke has 15TB wiretap server.